A Magical Hack to Boost your Linkedin posts

By Social Media, Tools

Meet lempod!

lempod is a LinkedIn hack developed by my friends, Vianney and Francois Lecroart.

With lempod, marketers can create groups of trusted individuals (a Pod) that agree to promote each other’s content by liking and/or commenting their posts on Linkedin.

As you increase the number of likes your posts become more visible on LinkedIn.

Every member of a pod can submit the URL of a LinkedIn post which will automatically be like and/or commented by pod’s members.

As a user, you chose whether to only like, comments or both for each pod.

As the creator of a Pod, you can also set the like, comments or both as the default behavior of the pod. You can also customize comments that will be used by default to all posts that will be posted on this Pod.

When you post a LinkedIn post, you can override the default Pod comments to make some more meaningful for your specific post.

How to create or join a Pod

1- Install the Chrome extension by going to lempod.com

2- Create your own pod and invite friends to join it by providing them with the pod’s secret number (click on the pod’s name and then on the setting button to display the pod’s secret number)

3- Enter pod’s number to join existing pods.

4- To promote your LinkedIn post simply past the post’s URL in the pod

Past the post’s URL here:

Remember as a Pod creator can customize the default comments AND the comments that will be used for each post.

In order to modify comments for a particular post start by submitting the post’s url.

Click on the post (which is draft at that time)

Click on Settings, scroll down and edit the comments.

Then just click on Start to lunch it

Once a post has been submitted you will be able to display views statistics by clicking on the post’s title.

Happy posting!

PS: Join your first Secret pod: 7576