I contribute to The Dots & Lines LLC a boutique marketing and communications agency. 

This collaboration with the great team at the Dots & Linesto enables me to serve even better my clients.
We are headquartered in Atlanta, GA with an office in the greater New York City area. Our customer-centric approach means we always keep client objectives as our top priority, whether that's building brand awareness, increasing sales, growing market share, or enhancing the customer experience.

Our structure, size, and team expertise enable us to provide the high level of service expected at a fraction of the cost of larger agencies.

Dots & Lines is part of The Nina Pinta Group, a global international network serving clients in the managed travel and IT space.

Hands on Marketing Strategy

What I do:

My work specializes in the global, cross-cultural sales & marketing arena.

How I do it:

  • I segment markets to tackle.
  • I advise on sales reorgs.
  • I streamline sales-marketing workflows.
  • I implement or fine-tune marketing automation solution.
  • I boost company reputation by the management of branding, content, PR, social media and review management.
Stan Berteloot
References / Clients
Your marketing investment deserves a return. I set the strategy, deploy and run the tools you need to generate more business quicker and to track your KPIs. No more guesswork. That’s what I call "data-driven marketing".
Stanislas Berteloot
AltiLead Founder

From Leads to Signed Deals

Process driven

Marketing Strategy

We start by asking questions.

Questions about your vision, your company’s culture, your objectives.

We like to speak to your clients, to product owners within your company…

We will build customer personasto understand your target audiences.

We audit your current marketing activities in order to set SMART objectives and relevant KPIs.

  • Social Media
  • Media and public presentation coaching
  • Sales organization and leadership coaching

Content Strategy

Today’s customer is more empowered than ever.
Providing a positive, trusted, and engaging customer experience is a powerful way to differentiate your brand.

Crafting the perfect message:

  • We have access to the best travel industry experts to draft amazing, reputable content.
  • We work with an international network of journalists, and writers.
  • Our creative, engaging content will get your brand in front of your target audience.

The right channel:

  • Website
  • Landing pages
  • Social media
  • PR
  • Blog
  • Sales kits…
  • Email

For the right content:

Success story, expert interviews, webinars, blog post, survey, video, demo, tips, top-10…

User Onboarding

We build the process to orient a first-time user of your service into an engaged, active and repeat user during their first interactions.

  • Focus on the benefits rather than the features
  • Creative lifecycle emails
  • Become personal and available

Communication Strategy

We build long-term customer relationships with meaningful conversations at scale.

  • We connect with your target audience on a personal level.
  • We deliver the right message to the right persona.
  • Our writing is SEO optimized
  • We grow your email list with an automated newsletter
  • Social Media
  • Media and public presentation coaching
  • Sales organization and leadership coaching

Lead Acquisition

Be found

Drive more quality traffic to your website and landing pages.

  • End-to-end conversion funnel
  • PPC campaigns
  • Optimize digital presence with Call to Actions and lead acquisition tools
  • Score and automate lead nurturing
  • Feed sales with Marketing qualified leads
  • Data-driven decisions
  • Social Media
  • Media and public presentation coaching
  • Sales organization and leadership coaching

Martech Expertise


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