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Who I am

A Seasoned Marketer and Communicator

My Services

My clients hire me when they need to boost their sales. I strive in challenging business environment and do miracles with limited resources.

I am a marketing automation mentor with 20 years of IT industry experience. I love to help marketing and sales teams work together to generate more business.

I have a strong track record in operational and strategic marketing, with particular expertise in mobile and social media marketing, analytic SaaS tools and I am recognized as a talented worldwide growth hacker, communication, and content strategy.

My values boil down to the following:

  • Many people have brilliant Ideas; I turn ideas into tangibles.
  • Because I am not just a strategist but also hands-on, I master the art of getting the most out of a limited budget.
  • I love to be challenged; that keeps me moving.
  • I managed many multi-disciplinary projects: from web design to SEO optimization; video shooting to street-marketing;

From Iowa to Princeton

I am a U.S. educated French national with a highly international outlook. I have an extensive experience of working across cultures and geographic markets.

I attended high school in Iowa and studied in Washington, DC. I started working in Belgium and in the UK as a journalist at Reuters.

Today, I live in Princeton, N.J. and my clients include international software companies and small start-ups in seed funding rounds.

Business Travel

I have developed a renowned expertise in the business travel industry. I served as the marketing director of KDS, a leading SaaS travel & expense software company, for 16 years.

I had various positions in the travel industry, including EMEA director of the Association of Corporate Travel Executive (ACTE) and co-founder and board member of the French Global Business Travel Association (GBTA).

What I do

Down to Basics for Concrete Results


AltiLead is part of MGN Commerce, an international network of e-commerce specialists providing the technical support and local expertise for e-marchants as they deploy their brand abroad. I focus on guiding French e-commerce companies entering the market U.S.A. providing them with U.S. specific strategic approaches.

Marketing Automation

Simply put, marketing automation is a software that automates the various communication programs you have to fill your leads funnel.

The philosophy is that by providing prospects with the right information at the right time in their buying process, marketing automation brings them to maturity. Marketing automation delivers contents in a timely manner to your prospects, influencing them and preparing them to their first meeting with your sales representatives.  I will work with your marketing and sales team to implement the best solution for your organization.

Lead Generation

Inviting prospects to join your sales funnel is a tricky science. In today’s digital age, prospect are driving the sales process. I coach your team to harness the power of  inbound marketing technics in order to drive your organisation’s growth. A successful lead gen. process outlines the entire lead flow: from anonymous prospect to won opportunities. Let me show you why a good process makes for frictionless marketing / sales relations.


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising provides an exiting opportunity for businesses of all sizes and in every industry to increase website trafic and inbound leads. I guide you through the tricky steps of successful PPC campaigns settings. Mastering the various platforms (Adwords, Facebook Ads, Retargeting, Instagram…) I design targeted contents and laser focussed landing pages.

PR / Content Marketing

On one hand press relations have become an entire part of the content companies produce to feed their lead generation activities. On the other, much of the content feeding the marketing automation programs is recycled into PR. As an ex-journalist and a long time blogger I love to find story ideas and the right content for your personas. I help you design the best PR and content approach to your business needs.

What our trainees love about Stan’s trainings is that he always provides more than just clear guidance on marketing automation and Marketo. Stan helps students to see the bigger picture and to think in terms of ROI and KPIs to align sales and marketing teams. Stan draws from his own extensive and operational experience to give marketers very concrete tips on using Marketo to generate and nurture leads.
Grégoire Michel
Grégoire Michel
Managing Partner inficiences partners
Stan is one of the few marketers I know who combines high-level strategy with practical, down to business approach. Stan has been responsible for pretty much all the corporate marketing at KDS. He developed tracking, attribution and reporting system for all of KDS online marketing efforts. Laser focused on sales, Stan grew our pipeline by four times and helped us think scientifically about growth through KPI and ROI measurement.
Dean Forbes
Dean Forbes